Zee Counter Stool – Eugene Stoltzfus Zee Counter Stool - Eugene Stoltzfus

Zee Counter Stool

Inspired by the vision of Gerrit Rietveld’s iconic Zig Zag chair, Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design has created the Zee Counter Stool. This pure-form piece is made from moso bamboo and thanks to computer-guided joinery, needs no blocking, plates, or pins.

Surprisingly ergonomic, when sitting in the Zee Stool, people will find it has a slight spring action that moves naturally with them, as they lean slightly forward or back. The bold Z-shape even includes a comfortable footrest.

Ideas from the past meet with the sustainable and technologically advanced sensibilities of today in this revision of a classic piece of furniture. The end result of these elements is a piece of modern furniture that reflects its inspirations while embracing the possibilities of today.

100% solid bamboo. Available in Natural, Caramelized, Ruby, and Obsidian. Indoor use.

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