Zee Stool – Eugene Stoltzfus Zee Stool - Eugene Stoltzfus

Zee Stool

The iconic Zig Zag chair, designed by Gerrit Rietveld has been reimagined in the Zee Collection by Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design. Like its larger counterparts, the Zee Stool is a distinctly modern piece that embraces the sustainability and strength of moso bamboo and cutting-edge, computer-guided joinery, that is free from blocking, plates, or pins.

The joinery method used in this stool shows off the inherent qualities and character of bamboo while also creating a solid bond.

Inspiration from the past meets with modern ideas and technologies in this piece from the Zee Collection. The result is a multi-functional, modern, balanced piece of furniture that is as much a pleasure to use as it is to see.

100% solid bamboo. Available in Natural, Caramelized, Ruby, and Obsidian. Indoor use.

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